New Dying Light 2 Engine Has Smart Enemies, Highly Detailed World

Dying Light was probably one best open world zombie-slicing RPGs. Techland did take their time with the previous game, but in the end they really nailed the whole survival formula. This time around, they have altered so many things, and are planning to bring some major overall improvements in the hugely anticipated sequel. Now, while the previous game used the Chrome Engine, the Dying Light 2 engine is new and it’s called the C-ENGINE.

We’ve already heard that they are hard at work and, on the technical side of things, they intend to make the frame rate their priority. According to the Poland-based development studio, they have rebuilt the technology completely, and this new engine is an evolution of the old tech. The C-ENGINE features more complex architecture, more ground details, and increased foliage density.

That’s not all. They are also doing something very remarkable with the AI. For example, when you’re exploring the world and you encounter enemies. In fact, enemies who are on their own will not react the same compared to enemies who are in a group. If an enemy is alone they might try to run away, and drop their weapon, hoping you’ll just try to pick up the weapon and not chase after them. Such AI behavior patterns are quite impressive for this type of open world environment

It has to be said that the team at Techland has other ambitions for Dying Light 2, including a branching story. In addition, they are hard at work to completely shake things up and “flip RPG standards upside down,” as game designer and writer Chris Avellone confirmed recently.

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[Source: Digital Foundry]