The Real People Behind the Resident Evil 2 Remake Characters

When Capcom said the Resident Evil 2 remake wasn’t a remake at all, they cited some notable changes that made this game more than just a duplication in their eyes. It’s clear there’s a lot of hype surrounding this game, but some fans feel it may be deviating too far from the version they know and love. We’ll be missing the original voice actors of Claire Refield, Leon Kennedy, and Ada Wong and instead hearing new, non-union voice actors. A decision that was made long before the ongoing video game voice actors’ strike, according the IGN. But we’ll also be missing those familiar faces. Instead, Capcom scanned real people in to create their character models.

Here are those people:

Fashion model Eduard Badaluta is Leon Kennedy.

As website Revil reported, Fashion model Jordan McEwen was the basis for Claire, which she also revealed via Instagram (though, she’s since taken the post).

Lastly, Patrick Levar, a music producer is Marvin Branagh, Racoon City cop.

What do you think of these fresh faces? Or is this remake already getting too far from the original for you?

[Source: Kotaku]