twin mirror production vlog

Learn More About Twin Mirror in a New Production Vlog

There’s a lot going on at Dontnod Entertainment lately, with The Adventures of Captain SpiritLife is Strange 2, and of course the recently-released Vampyr. Of course, the studio has another game in the works, Twin Mirror, which is being published by Bandai Namco. As is Dontnod’s style, a new video blog series has started, and the first episode of this new Twin Mirror Production Vlog introduces the game’s scenario in more detail than before.

As we already knew from Twin Mirror‘s pre-E3 2018 announcement, the game follows Sam, who returns to his West Virginia home after the death of a friend, only to find himself wrapped up in some kind of psychological thriller-style trouble. Dontnod CEO Oskat Guilbert speaks to that, and how the game is about a person confronting their past, in a world that is perhaps more “mature” than Life is Strange, for example.

Of course, Guilebert speaks to how Twin Mirror is like a book, in which the player is the hero and the choices they make will impact the rest of the game, up to and including multiple endings (that’s very much not like a book at all, but I’m just reporting here). The idea is the game is a “mirror” of the player’s personality.

The biggest piece of new information in the video, is that Dontnod’s key gimmick here is that Twin Mirror is an investigation, so while the player is making choices that affect Sam’s ending in the story, they are also uncovering the truth of a mystery along the way.

[Source: YouTube]