Spider-Man PS4 Story is Completely Original, Not Based on Comics

It’s pretty much part and parcel that all things comic book-related, when springing onto other mediums, should adapt the original source, or at least stay as close to it as possible. Spider-Man PS4, though, is playing by its own rules. Insomniac Games director Bryan Intihar has confirmed that the Spider-Man PS4 story will be a wholly original one.

Responding to a fan question on Twitter about which comic storylines were adapted for the game (H/T ScreenRant), Intihar reveals that we’ll be playing through an “original story” come September.

It’ll be a refreshing change of pace for a superhero property to stand on its own two feet away from the blood, sweat and ink of its comic book cousin. Insomniac appear to have been given carte blanche from Marvel when it comes to penning their own story.

That’s not to say certain story beats and other aspects aren’t ripped from the comics. Mister Negative, purportedly a massive part of the Spider-Man PS4 story, is a popular recent addition to the webhead’s rogues’ gallery. In addition to that, the Sinister Six also look to be showing up in-game (though Venom is reportedly absent), and have been a thorn in Spidey’s side for years in the comics. It’s sure to be a mix of well-loved characters and a completely fresh idea. That’s okay in my book.