New Anthem Details Suggest Javelins Have Different Geometry

Earlier this month, Executive Producer Mark Darrah stated that “no fully [customizable] designs” will appear in Anthem at launch. Darrah also said that Javelins will not have gender variations, meaning they’re all the same size regardless of the size of the person stepping into the suit. Strange because not all humans are built the same, but we’ll accept this. Anthem is set in a fictional world, after all. Forcing real-world limitations on a world as fictional as Anthem‘s is a little silly. However, in a new post by DualShockers, it seems Darrah is at odds with himself.

“Speaking of customization,” the DualShockers post notes. “Darrah mentions that Javelin suits will have different styles of paint (even if he did not mention which ones), and players can earn new personalization options by playing the game. If you’re wondering, yes, you can paint your Javelin pink.” We’ve known this, as Darrah has said that color schemes on Javelins are swappable. “Interestingly, there aren’t just different colors and color types,” the post continues. “But also different geometry. Basically, players will have options that will change the actual 3D model of the Javelin.”

If Javelins are fully customizable, all the way down to the foundational model of the suit, then this contradicts Darrah’s earlier statement that “no fully [customizable] designs” will appear at launch. The DualShockers post doesn’t specify whether this option is available at the start of the game, unlocked later via story missions/progression, or will appear as post-launch content. We’ll have to wait and see when Anthem launches whether or not Javelins are truly, fully customizable.

Anthem is scheduled to land on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

[Source: DualShockers]