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YouTuber Completes Jak and Daxter Without Collecting a Single Precursor Orb

A YouTuber has pulled off the seemingly impossible, and you can do it too. I mean, I say you but you still need to have an incredible knowledge of Jak and Daxter glitches just to get close to pulling off this insane feat. But it’s possible. You can complete Jak and Daxter without collecting a single Precursor orb (or just watch this guy do it instead).

For those who haven’t plied their trade in PS2 platformers, Precursor orbs in Jak and Daxter are what coins are for Mario and rings are for Sonic. Are you beginning to understand the magnitude of the task now? Thought so.

YouTuber Gamechamp3000’s video series VG Myths has explored whether it’s actually possible to complete the first game in the Jak trilogy without picking up a single one of the egg-shaped bits of currency. As it turns out, with a bit of tricksy, speedrunner-style glitching and exploits of the system, you can (just about) complete the game with a grand total of zero Precursor orbs.

Of course, there were several problems experienced throughout, as you’ll be able to see in the 12-minute recap video. Power cells, the collectibles needed to progress in the game, were often blocked off by those pesky Precursor orbs and had to be left entirely, negating the chance of a 100% power cell run.

Still, Gamechamp3000 has busted a myth and proved anyone can do it if you put in a considerable amount of effort. I doff my cap to you, good sir.

Now I’m left wondering what’s more impressive: this or the 89-minute Fallout series run. Both made my head hurt.