Bethesda Running Smaller Fallout 76 Beta Before Official Beta Launch

At present, the public isn’t aware of all the need-to-know details concerning Fallout 76’s impending beta launch. Recently, Bethesda revealed the B.E.T.A will arrive in October, one month ahead of the game’s full release. This news came after the announcement that Xbox One users will receive the B.E.T.A first. Thus, discourse surrounding Fallout 76’s pre-launch plans is inundated with confusion and several questions. To help clear things up, Bethesda’s marketing and PR boss, Pete Hines, has taken to answering questions on Twitter. One recent exchange reveals the publisher’s intention to run a smaller beta ahead of the official launch in October.

In response to one question, Hines clarifies the smaller beta could go live days or weeks ahead of the planned October launch. It will be limited to a select few.

For those hoping to get in on the action early, Hines says the early beta will simply select players at random from the regular B.E.T.A signups. In a subsequent tweet, Hines adds that randomization is employed to keep things “fair.”

Since the E3 reveal, Fallout 76 news has yet to slow. For starters, this new entry in the series won’t exactly be what people are expecting. In fact, Bethesda doesn’t look at it as an MMO or another online game. In trying something new with a commitment to elevating what people love most about Fallout, the BGS team aims to craft something truly special. Fans won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on it, either. Fallout 76 launches later this fall on November 14.

[Source via Wccftech]