Holy Cow! Destiny 2 Only Costs $6 on Amazon Right Now

It’s not often that the video game discount gods smile upon us, especially following the death of Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked, constant Amazon Prime policy changes, and a steady stream of worrying news from GameStop. But here’s something we can all get excited about. Right now, Destiny 2s standard edition is only $6 on Amazon right now. Click here to take advantage of the deal.

This action shooter franchise is beloved by many, but there are plenty of reluctant Destiny fans that didn’t want to make the jump to the sequel. Likewise, there are a lot of outsiders who may have been overwhelmed by the grandiosity of the world and the potential complexity of the systems. And of course we all get to that point where it just feels too late. With Destiny 2 having released almost a year ago, many of us who missed the boat have accepted our fate.

But this Destiny 2 sale is the perfect excuse to give the franchise a try. On that same note, fans may want to pick up an extra copy, either to push friends/family to join in or have an unopened physical copy in their collection. At only $6, this Destiny 2 deal is hard to pass up.

With the Forsaken expansion coming in about a month and the Solstice of Heroes event starting today, this is the perfect way to give the game a try before deciding if you want to go all-in with the next big content drop for the game.