pax 2018 schedule revealed

PAX West 2018 Lineup and Schedule Revealed, Check Out These Panel Highlights

For all you conventiongoers, the PAX West 2018 schedule has finally be put out to the world. The four-day convention has released its full panel lineup. From Q&A’s to discussions on the latest trends in gaming, there’s going to be something for all attendees. These panels join the already-announced Anthem panel from Bioware.

The full lineup is simply too much to list here, but you can take a look at the complete schedule over at the PAX website. Some highlights of the PAX West 2018 schedule include:

Game Jobs You Never Even Knew Existed (Friday 8/31 2 pm-3 pm)

Making a video game often takes a bunch of people. Many would call out coders, artists, community managers, and streamers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! It takes hundreds of people to launch a game, including folks with job titles you’ve probably never heard of! Join industry veterans as they take you through a few of these paths, and find out more about work in the industry that better suit your interests—all while learning a little bit more about how video games are made!

MMOs on Console: A New Era for an Established Generation (Friday 8/31 6 pm-7 pm)

Consoles are more powerful than ever and that tech has opened a pathway to move big games with big worlds and sustained populations from the PC to the console. En Masse’s Matt Denomme, a veteran of MMO publishing, will lead a panel of developers as they discuss the challenges and rewards that come with bringing their MMOs to your console. Will they argue about lootboxes? Get wonky about specs and user data? Will they talk about the differences between the PC and console communities of their games? Join us to find out, and to help guide the discussion with your own questions.

Single-Player is Dead; Long Live Single-Player (Saturday 9/1 12:30 pm-1: 30 pm)

The viability of single-player games is an ongoing debate, and in the AAA space they’ve been pushed aside for more lucrative multiplayer games. But not everyone has given up. Developers including Remedy, OtherSide Entertainment, Lab Zero Games, and ArtPlay are bucking trends and creating new single-player experiences. This panel explores how independent studios are embracing the realities of smaller teams and budgets to deliver quality single player games on their own terms and keep the genre alive.

The Truth About Game Economies From the People That Made Them (Sunday 9/2 2 pm-3 pm)

From trading, to crafting, to virtual goods, to player progression, games have grown more and more complex with each generation, but it can be tough to wrap your head around economic systems, especially in games. Join a group of luminaires who are tackling those systems today for an exploration of how and why you should “invest” (see what I did there?) in your game economy.

A Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking the Plot of Kingdom Hearts (Monday 9/3 12:30 pm-1:30 pm)

In the pantheon of games with densely packed and occasionally baffling plot lines, Kingdom Hearts ranks among the most highly regarded.  With over 10 games released over the franchise’s 15-year life, it can be daunting for newcomers to figure out where to start. Together we’ll untangle the web of characters that comprise the series and lay out the important plot points. Whether you’re new to the series or a longtime keyblade warrior you’ll be prepared to jump into Kingdom Hearts 3.

(Okay, so I included this one for myself, what of it?)

PAX West takes place in Seattle, WA. It starts on Friday, August 31, and runs through Monday, September 3.