New Spider-Man Trailer Gives ‘Just the Facts’ on Combat

The September 7, 2018 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man is creeping closer, and Insomniac Games still has more to show fans. A new trailer just dropped, this time focusing on Spider-Man’s combat abilities.

Like a previous trailer looking at the game’s open world, this newest inside look is narrated by none other than the J. Jonah Jameson, Jr., of the Daily Bugle. On this edition of “Just the Facts,” Jameson again talks to Peter Parker, who is posing this time as an “anonymous citizen.”

Take a look at the new Marvel’s Spider-Man combat trailer right here:

Naturally, Jameson has a decidedly anti-Spidey tone. Ironically, he may be the best cheerleader for the web-slinger in this video.

We get a quick glimpse at some of the costumes Parker can wear while saving the city, including the Spider-Punk. Depending on what costume you have on, you’ll be granted special abilities. Spider-Punk, for example, allows Spider-Man to whip out a guitar to create an “obnoxious” sonic attack. Unfortunately, we did not get a glimpse of the Iron Spider costume this time.

Some other special abilities were shown in the Marvel’s Spider-Man trailer. Spider-Man can shoot a web spray that will hit surrounding enemies. In what may be one of the coolest abilities we’ve seen, one costume even allows Spider-Man to create holographic duplicates of himself. We also see his gadgets in action. There are trip mines, spider-drones, and web bombs highlighted in this trailer.

Of course, what gadgets you use will depend on which approach you will take in combat. Do you swing right in, guns blazing? Will you hide in the shadows, waiting for your opportunity? It looks like Insomniac will offer players the chance to play whichever way they would prefer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man releases on September 7, 2018 on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: IGN]