The Division 2 Could Have Been Set in Seattle or New Orleans

After The Division’s New York City setting, the reveal that Washington, D.C. provides the backdrop for its sequel was initially surprising. However, considering the franchise’s premise of a money transmitted virus dismantling American society, Washington, D.C. makes perfect sense. Interestingly, developer Ubisoft Massive once had other plans. Seattle, Washington, and New Orleans were originally in the running.

In an interview with PC Gamer, The Division 2 Lead Level Designer Manny Diaz revealed the nation’s capital wasn’t the team’s first choice. “First off, D.C. wasn’t always set in stone as the choice of the game,” said Diaz. “We considered places like Seattle in Washington, and we also considered New Orleans.”

Washington, D.C.’s varied landscape helped seal the deal. Diaz continued,

A place like D.C. gives us nature, wide open spaces, the monuments, and a greater sense of wildlife. D.C. is built on swamp, the air is hot and sticky in the summer; but it also has a lot of color, and that’s a nice contrast to the first Division game.

Diaz said players should expect to see all of the above on display while exploring The Division 2. Deer, mosquitoes, and other forms of wildlife will roam in a manner befitting their habits in nature.

As Ubisoft Massive’s Senior Producer, Cristian Pana, had explained in the past, symbolism also rests in the developer’s choice of Washington, D.C. What better way to see how America deals with throes of collapse than by setting such a tale in the nation’s seat of power?

We’ll see how Ubisoft Massive makes use of Washington, D.C. when The Division 2 launches on March 15, 2019. For those interested in getting even more out of the sequel, check out preorder bonuses and the game’s various editions.

[Source: PC Gamer]