Overwatch Shooting Star Director Explains Why He Lets D.Va Use Her Gun Inside Her Mech

D.Va finally has her own animated short, “Shooting Star,” and her hometown, Busan, is the next Overwatch  map. For those who can’t get enough lore, you’re going to want to check out the director’s commentary for the short, featuring inside looks from Director Ben Dai and Video Editor Jake Patton.

Fans have been praising “Shooting Star” for showing a more human side of D.Va, who is depicted as a well-rounded soldier who spends her days working endlessly to defend her homeland. This is different take on the cheeky, lighthearted women we’ve come to know in-game. Yet, both sides are very much part of D.Va

“She has a very distinct attitude and behavior in the game and we wanted to preserve that, but we were trying to show a side of her that wasn’t front and center to the public eye,” stated Patton. These animated shorts exist within the world of Overwatch and draw heavily on what players experience in-game, with character models and sound effects referenced and used. Still, plenty of creative liberties are taken.

The flying missiles and aerial combat scene in “Shooting Star” were inspired by the anime and movies Dai watched when growing up in the 80s. And while in-game D.Va only uses her gun outside her mech, the team liked the storyboard of her pulling her pistol out while in flight so much, it made it to the final cut. Dai reflected on the scene and stated, “There’s some debate whether she should use her gun while driving her mech. What’s the physicality of it? Is it even possible to stick her hand out? But at the end, I thought we executed pretty nicely.”

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