Dead Living Zombies Trophy Guide

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Guide for the Dead Living Zombies DLC for Far Cry 5. There are seven Trophies added with this piece of DLC, and they are pretty obtainable, but there are two that will be a bit of a time sink. None of them are missable, as the different levels can be replayed and are not very long.

I would suggest saving the Trophy “DeceaZed to ExZist” for last. That is going to require 5,000 zombie kills. Complete the seven movie pitches in normal mode and then complete them in Score Attack mode. After that, focus on grinding out the remaining kills.

FertiliZer – Bronze

– Kill 10 Gougers or Hot Heads with the tractor in Fields of Terror.

Tractors can be found all over the map for this Trophy. Get in one and just drive around running over zombies. The zombies spawn around glowing yellow canisters. There will be more than enough for you to unlock the Trophy.

Early ExZit Denied – Bronze

– Try to escape the bridge early in Burned Bridges.

Shortly after starting this movie pitch, there will be a path on the right side that will lead to a school bus. Climb on to the top of the school bus and try to jump through the opening in the fence.

Blood Zragon – Bronze

– Kill the Blood Dragon in Killer Climate.

The Blood Dragon will be part of the story. You’ll end up fighting it at the end of the movie pitch. It’s not very hard to bring down and there are heavy weapons available in the boss fight area. Stay on the move, aim for the glowing area under its chin, and you’ll take the Blood Dragon down in no time.

Killer BeeZ – Bronze

– Destroy the Zom-bee nests in Laboratory of the Dead.

The Zom-bee nests are located a bit of a ways down the river. If you enter the Laboratory and you haven’t seen the nests, you’ve progressed too far. The nests will be hanging off of a big pipe leading from the water to land. There are only seven of them, and they are all located right next to each other. You’ll know you’re getting near them when Guy Marvel mentions the bees.

ReZolution – Bronze

– Complete all 7 movie pitches.

As the Trophy says, complete all seven of the movie pitches. None of them are particularly difficult, and they aren’t very long either. You can easily knock them all out in one sitting.

DeceaZed to ExZist – Silver

– Kill 5,000 total Goughers, Hot Heads or Behemoths in any mode.

This will most likely be the last Trophy that you need. Your score is accumulative across all movie pitches and all game modes. There is also no way to track how many zombies you’ve killed, so you’re gonna have to just grind it out until the Trophy unlocks. None of the animals or human kills will count toward this either. Because of that, I would suggest focusing on playing through Fields of Terror, Burned Bridges, and Laboratory of the Dead.

Gold MedaliZt – Gold

– Get a gold medal in all 7 movie pitches in Score Attack.

In order to play Score Attack, you must first complete all of the movie pitches normally. The goal here is to kill zombies to earn points and to complete the pitches as quickly as possible. If you can get two stars on a pitch, you’ll be given perks to use on your next try. These can be done solo, but if you have a partner, doing them in co-op makes them all easier. Always aim for the head, use your perks from previous playthroughs if you have them, and try to complete the objectives quickly, as whatever time you have left will be turned into points upon completion.