Mega Man 11 Limited Collectors Edition

Preorder Mega Man 11 Limited Collector’s Edition Right Now for the PlayStation 4

Capcom has been continually revealing details about its upcoming title, Mega Man 11, which is set to release in less than one month. We do know for a fact that not only are they going back to Blue Bomber’s roots with lovely 2D-style shooting and jumping, but they have also prepared a variety of cool bosses to challenge gamers. We just found out that the publisher is also going to offer players a chance to grab the Mega Man 11 Limited Collectors Edition for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mega Man 11 CE is already available for preorders at the Pix’n Love publishing online store.

The info has arrived via Twitter. Check it out:

The official word is that the Mega Man 11 Limited Collector’s Edition contains a physical copy of the game. In addition, you get an 80-page hardcover book that describes the history of the eleven Mega Man games titles in Capcom’s classic series. The book goes all the way from the very first iteration, which came onto the gaming scene back in the year 1987, and then it reaches the latest upcoming release—Mega Man 11.

If you purchase the Limited Collector’s Edition, you also get four two-sided lithographs that contain illustrations of the new Robot Masters from Mega Man 11. It also feature a cardboard box with silver Pantone that’s very reminiscent of the 1980s and 90s style.

Capcom also recently released a playable demo for Mega Man 11. The full game hits stores for PS4 on October 2, 2018.

[Source: Twitter and Pixnlovepublishing]