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Impact Man Brings the Pile Driver to Mega Man 11

Since Mega Man 11 was announced earlier this year, Capcom has been steadily rolling out introductions for each of the game’s new Robot Master bosses. Today, Capcom Unity put together a post for one of the big ol’ bots we saw in the original trailer, Impact Man. With Impact Man comes a new weapon for the Blue Bomber, which is called the Pile Driver.

Impact Man is a robot originally designed for heavy construction work. His stage is even an abandoned construction site, and his whole deal is being sold as an homage of sorts to the construction-themed settings of the original Mega Man.

Like Impact Man, many of the enemies in his stage are construction-themed. There are electric barriers and cones that fire missiles. There’s even a robot enemy called Pickman, which naturally throws pickaxes at our hero. Metalls are everywhere,. There’s even a miniboss called Pickman Digger, who drives an excavator.

Once Mega Man pushes through and defeats Impact Man, he’ll earn the Pile Driver power. Pile Driver is a big attack move that doubles as a quick dash forward, which allows Mega Man to not only hit hard, but cross gaps he may not have been able to before. With the Power Gear, Mega Man can multiply both effects of the weapon, which will no doubt have utility in non-obvious ways.

Mega Man 11 drops on October 2, 2018. If you’re at PAX West you’ll be able to get your hands on the game early and even get try out the Pile Driver across four different levels: Block Man, Fuse Man, Torch Man, and of course Impact Man.

[Source: Capcom Unity]