Fan Provides Chapter by Chapter Text Transcription of Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human launched in May 2018 and quickly became Quantic Dream’s fastest-selling game to date. Many were mesmerized by the studio’s intriguing depiction of a near future Detroit and the various characters that fill out the world. Seeing Detroit: Become Human fan art and cosplay has been a common online occurrence. One fan has taken their love beyond the artistic stage by transcribing the game’s dialogue.

Yes, that means each dialogue exchange, including Detroit’s unprecedented branching story paths. Impressive is an understatement.

Detroit’s Director, David Cage, shared a link to the full text transcription on his personal Twitter page.

The link launches a website dedicated solely to Detroit’s text transcription. The text itself is divided into chapters; scene headings divide the various sequences featured per chapter. Dialogue between characters isn’t exclusively represented, either. Television broadcasts and chatter amongst civilians appear in the transcription as well. Undoubtedly, a painstaking amount of work went into such remarkable attention to detail.

For now, the transcription is not yet complete. Chapter 10, “Fugitives,” constitutes the last entry on the website. With over 30 chapters making up Detroit: Become Human’s expansive narrative, this is a project that could go on for months or longer.

Another handy tool featured on the site can be found when going into a chapter and searching the top left corner. One of the icons, a bold question mark, denotes a legend of sorts. In that legend sits a list of scene headings, where the transcriber has explained what they’ve accomplished in their playthrough/transcription, thus far. Again, this attention to detail warrants endless praise.

Quantic Dream’s plans going forward are currently unknown. However, we do know the team is at least not turning down the idea of a sequel or DLC.

[Source via David Cage’s Twitter]