devil may cry 5 mega buster

Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition Gives Nero Mega Man’s Mega Buster

Demon hunter Dante made a big splash at TGS 2018, with a heck of a lot of Devi May Cry 5 information revealed. First off, the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition was unveiled, and it certainly comes with a lot. It even brings a weapon from one of Capcom’s most iconic series into the fold.

devil may cry 5 deluxe edition details

Altogether, the Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Upgrade motorcycle Cavaliere R weapon for Dante’s Cavaliere
  • Alternate style rank & title screen announcers
  • 12 classic battle themes, giving people three tracks from Devil May Cry, three from Devil May Cry 2, three from Devil May Cry 3, and three from Devil May Cry 4
  • Behind-the-scenes pre-viz live-action cutscenes
  • Four Devil Breakers for Nero with unique abilities
    • Mega Buster
    • Gerbera GP-01
    • Sweet Surrender
    • Pasta Breaker

While I’m most excited for the Pasta Breaker, which has a fork on it, the Mega Buster is what will likely be on the minds of most gamers. It is ripped right out of Mega Man. Capcom released a trailer showing it in action:

In addition, if you preorder any version of Devil May Cry 5, you will get access to alternate looks for Dante, Nero, Trish, Lady, and new protagonist Nico. Check out the looks here:

devil may cry deluxe edition outfits

Pricing details for the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition have not been released at this time.

Devil May Cry 5 exists because of the fans, so it seems like a lot of work is going into pleasing them. Devil May Cry 5 releases on March 9, 2019.

[Source: Capcom]