Fortnite player base

Video Game Blockbuster Fortnite Brought Together 78.3 Million Players Last Month

It’s safe to say that a game like Fortnite is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. While weird things are happening in-game, unsurprising things are happening in real life. The latest scoop is that the Fortnite player base has reached a breathtaking 78.3 million unique players. That many unique players showed up to play in August 2018. That figure covers every platform the game appears on, by the way.

How did this happen? Well, August 2018 was a big month for Fortnite. A Steady Storm LTM appeared, as did Soaring 50’s and Score Royale. The result was the highest number of players since the game’s launch. Not to mention that rift kept doing strange things.

Ever since Fortnite arrived onto the gaming scene, Epic Games’ value has skyrocketed. The company is now worth approximately $8 billion. (In 2012, the company was worth about $825 million.) An estimation offered by Superdata revealed that the company generated $1 billion just via in-app purchases by July 2018.

Meanwhile, Fortnite’s already vibrant community of followers is growing by the week, as it continues to impact modern-day culture. For example, Ninja, the well-known Fortnite streamer who broke various Twitch records, found himself on the cover of October 2018’s ESPN the Magazine.