telltale walking dead final season

Remainder of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Final Season Reportedly Cancelled

Following yesterday’s news of Telltale Games’ impending closure, reports have surfaced claiming that the remainder of The Walking Dead‘s final season has been cancelled.

In light of Telltale’s official statement, many assumed that its remaining skeleton crew was winding up work on The Walking Dead‘s final season alongside taking care of legalities. However, Netflix told Variety that the small group of 25 employees will actually be finishing Minecraft: Story Mode. Later, a tweet by narrative designer Emily Grace Buck seemed to corroborate Netflix’s statement. However, she reminded fans that she’s one of the developers who were laid off and is unable to confirm anything.

A separate tweet by former lead writer Jessica Krause suggested that the previously announced The Wolf Among Us 2 has been cancelled as well.

For its part, Telltale has said that it’ll comment on its portfolio in due course so unless an official statement is made, take this with a grain of salt even if things seem obvious at this point.

[Source: Variety, Emily Grace Buck and Jessica Krause (Twitter)]