Here’s the New Last of Us Part II PS4 Theme in Motion

Outbreak Day is this coming Wednesday, and it will come with plenty of new The Last of Us Part II goodies, with several of them still secrets. One such item is a new PlayStation 4 theme, which is one of the items currently previewed on the Outbreak Day website. While the site only shows a thumbnail, a brief video of the theme in action has appeared online, giving potential buyers a chance to know what it’s like ahead of time.

[The Last of Us Part II] [Video] Theme preview with audio. from r/PS4

It’s not super complicated compared to some of the Dynamic Themes you can get for your PS4, but it has some spooky, atmospheric music as well as a bit of animation that does something you don’t often see in these kinds of themes.

With Ellie in the foreground, the icons as you sift through your PS4 carousel actually go behind the image, preserving the look and feel of the theme without the need to navigate your system getting in the way.

Among the other items on the way for Outbreak Day are an avatar set, the Last of Us Part II theme song, mobile device wallpapers, and several others that are still yet to be revealed.

[Source: Reddit]