Destiny 2 Gets a Brand New Crucible Mode and a Bunch of New Maps, Free for All Players

Since Destiny 2: Forsaken launched on September 4, 2018, the game has been a whirlwind of nonstop new content and things to do, so much that even many of the most hardcore players can’t keep up with it all. This week brought even more new things to do for owners of the Forsaken expansion, but it also marks the arrival of the free Crucible update for all Destiny 2 players, regardless of expansion ownership.

This PvP update brings a new Destiny 2 Crucible mode called Breakthrough, which pits eight players against each other in a 4v4 matchup to capture a central point and then push a payload to the opponents’ side. The main objective is a control point in the center of the area, which players fight over in a king-of-the-hill style battle. Once one team successfully captures it, they need to move the breaker to hack the vault on the opposing side to win the game. For this week, Breakthrough will have its own unique playlist, and next week it will be added into the regular Competitive Crucible playlist rotation.

Along with Breakthrough comes three new maps (four, including the PlayStation exclusive map) that have been designed with this new game mode in mind. The Citadel is a Dreaming City map, taking players to the Awoken homeland to face off against one another. Equinox goes back to the Nine’s bizarre realm. And Firebase Echo is an abandoned Red Legion base on Nessus, and interesting combination of Cabal in a Vex environment (in some ways a nice little callback to Mars from Destiny 1).

The PlayStation-exclusive Crucible map is on the Tangled Shore, with treacherous pits scattered around the environment that make environmental awareness as important as fending off your enemies. This map is exclusive to PS4 Destiny 2 players until at least fall 2019.

Breakthrough and the new Crucible maps are available now, free to all Destiny 2 players. Destiny 2 is currently free with PlayStation Plus, so if you want to try the new content out, make sure you download the game before September ends. Check out some screens of the new maps and mode in the gallery below.