The Walking Dead: The Final Season May Continue, Igniting Excitement and Outrage

Following the massive layoffs and official impending closure of Telltale Games, it was originally thought that the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead: Final Season would be canceled. It seemed the second episode, which made its debut September 25, 2018, would the last one released. This was based on comments made by previous team members. However, the season may continue after all.

Yesterday evening, Telltale Games made an official statement regarding the The Walking Dead: Final Season. The company stated it has “multiple potential partners” interested in “helping see The Final Season through to completion.” There are no promises yet, but the lame duck studio “hope[s] to have answers… soon”:

The reaction to this news has been mixed. Scrolling through the replies to Telltale’s tweet offers insight into the current public opinion on the studio. Plenty of fans are excited by this glimmer of hope, especially since many already paid the full price for the entire season. However, others found the situation off-putting, considering these 250 layoffs appeared out of the blue and left those affected with no severance pay and healthcare that only lasts a week.

Lead God of War developer, Cory Barlog, replied to Telltale’s message to voice his support for the original development team, and he essentially said there should be no final episodes until the team gets severance pay.

At the time of writing, The Walking Dead: Final Season is still listed on the PlayStation Store, despite episodes 3 and 4 being currently canceled.