Patobox Ducks and Weaves Onto Vita Next Week

Patobox, a Kickstarter-funded game from Mexican developer Bromio that’s inspired by surreal comics and Punch-Out, released earlier in 2018 for Steam, and a bit later for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the Vita version ended up being a bit of an issue. It was more work than originally anticipated to get Patobox running on the handheld, due to optimization and some coding that needed to be done to get it up and running. But fortunately, the long road to stark, black and white duck boxing on the PlayStation Vita is coming to an end. Patobox is finally set to launch for the Vita next week, on October 2, 2018.

The developers shared this news on the game’s Kickstarter page, and noted that Patobox is a cross-buy game. So if you buy it on either platform for $14.99, you’ll be able to give both versions a whirl. The team seems pretty excited about this release, which makes sense due to the extra challenge. And like in boxing, everyone loves an underdog, so seeing Patobox in motion on that screen will likely feel triumphant for developers and backers alike.

Here’s a list of key features from Patobox‘s official website:

  • Innovative visual proposal, inspired by graphic novels and comics.
  • 2D Art mixed with a 3D world that feels just as you were inside a comic book.
  • Interactive dialogue. Learn more about Deathflock and Patobox by talking to members of the organization and reveal their dark secrets, what is Deathflock hiding and what it means to our hero Patobox?
  • A story full of mystery and intrigue where the player will find the secret behind the betrayal of Patobox.
  • Explore a world full of traps and mini games.
  • Using boxing techniques find and fight 7 different bosses with unique abilities and mechanics. Learn everything about those bosses before you engage them by exploring Deathflock’s headquarters and get ready for really challenging fights that will test your reflexes and abilities as a boxing duck!
  • Hidden collectables to expand the story. Reveal the darkest secrets of the game by reading special documents with more information about the background of the members of Deathflock and even Patobox himself!
  • Box’s music takes inspiration on other artists like Kavinsky and other soundtracks like Drive and Hotline Miami. Patobox’s music uses 80’s synthesizers and a mix of Techno, Synthpop and Progressive House Music to give a retro but at the same time modern feeling to the game.

[Source: Kickstarter]