Marvel’s Spider-Man UK Sales Have Already Surpassed Far Cry 5

Despite not having been on the market for a full month, Marvel’s Spider-Man’s UK sales are already exceeding those of Far Cry 5. This warrants much praise, particularly because of Far Cry 5’s March 2018 launch and Spider-Man’s PlayStation 4 exclusivity.

According to, Spider-Man is now the UK’s second best-selling title in 2018. FIFA 19 took the number one spot, though it recently launched. Far Cry 5 takes its place as the UK’s third best-selling game in 2018, so far.

Prior to FIFA 19’s launch, Marvel’s Spider-Man ruled the UK sales charts. Its reign went on for three weeks, even after Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s release on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Such success is also reflected in Spider-Man’s sales worldwide, which have made it Sony’s fastest-selling exclusive. God of War previously held that honor, selling approximately 3.1 million units during its three-day launch window. Spidey’s title narrowly edged out a win, moving 3.3 million copies in the same period after its September 2018 release.

That Marvel’s Spider-Man continues to be a success story seems hardly surprising. With the holidays incoming and story DLC planned, its popularity is bound to hold steady for a while.

The first add-on for Marvel’s Spider-Man, entitled “The Heist,” features the webslinger reuniting with Black Cat. Fans can get their hands on the content when it goes live on October 23, 2018.