Subdivision Infinity DX2 Release Date

Subdivision Infinity DX Sets Off Into Space in Early 2019

Published by Blowfish Studios (who is no stranger to space games) and developed by Mistfly Studios, Subdivision Infinity DX is a sci-fi 3D shooter set to release in early 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This release window announcement trailer shows off asteroid filled areas, space stations, and shoot outs.

With electronic music pulsating in the background, this game wants to remind you of the early 2000s, while simultaneously trying to tap into NES era classics Gyruss, Life Force, and The Guardian Legend.

Get ready for take off with this trailer:

Below is a game overview as provided by Blowfish Studios in the official press release:

With more than 40 engaging story missions and sidequests spanning several star systems, Subdivision Infinity DX is an action-packed journey brimming with dogfights, boss battles, and more set against the stunning wild outer reaches of the cosmos.

The story begins when contractor Sgt. Jed Riddle is brought in to investigate a mining facility that has mysteriously gone radio silent. A tense shootout ensues, leading Riddle to take a closer look into what exactly is going on and the dark secrets lurking in the shadows.

Beyond the core narrative and exhilarating feeling of piloting a nimble spacecraft on the fringes of the galaxy, Subdivision Infinity DX features an array of optional content to allow players to explore the stars to their hearts content while taking on bounties, mining asteroids for rare minerals, unlocking new ships, and crafting increasingly powerful upgrades along the way.

Do you think you would play Subdivision Infinity DX?