subdivision infinity dx release date

Venture Into the Galaxy With 3D Shooter Subdivision Infinity DX in August

Subdivision Infinity DX, a sci-fi 3D shooter announced in 2018, is finally on its way to consoles and PCs. The game from developer Mistfly Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios will launch for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC on Steam, and Xbox One on August 8, 2019 for $14.99.

For a look at what to expect from this intergalactic adventure, be sure to check out the latest trailer.

Subdivision Infinity DX seems as though it will allow players to live out many of their spacefaring, science fiction fantasies. For one, the game will put players in the cockpit of an “intergalactic fighter,” per an overview on the title’s official Steam page. From there, no limits exist, as outer space becomes an open playing field. Across a number of star systems, players will gain access to over 30 story and side missions. While venturing into the cosmos, players should also anticipate boss battles and other types of challenging fights. Upgrading the ship and equipping weapons will be integral to taking on such experiences.

Subdivision Infinity DX  will be a story-heavy game, with main missions and side quests. Players will assume the role of Sergeant Jed Riddle, who’s called to investigate suspicious happenings at a mining facility after contact is lost with its inhabitants. Sgt. Riddle’s investigation results in a shootout, eventually leading to an even darker mystery unfolding. What that is, of course, will be left for players to discover throughout the course of the adventure.

In addition to taking part in space mysteries and intergalactic boss battles, players will have the option to explore and engage in fights with lesser enemies, such as drones, other fighter ships, and much more. Some of that exploration will also come in handy, as “lost relics” are said to aid in crafting, harvesting asteroids, and building brand-new ships.

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