Fortnite Resurrects a Fan-Favorite Skin

Season 6 is all about Halloween in Fortnite, and to celebrate, one of the game’s most iconic skins has been revived. As part of the 6.02 update, the Skull Trooper is available to purchase once again. This time, however, there’s a bit of a twist.

The Skull Trooper skin was released all the way back in 2017. It has since become kind of a symbol of how much Fortnite has grown in the ensuing year. The combination of the campiness, along with its status as one of the earliest skins, has made it somewhat famous in the Fortnite community. It even has its own Funko pop!

The Skull Trooper skin can be bought for 1,500 V-Bucks. This year,  the skin got a bit of an upgrade. While it can still have its normal white glow, you can choose to have it glow green. Unfortunately, some early adopters of Fortnite have felt a bit shafted with this development. However, Epic has allowed those who already own the skin to still have their badge of honor.

Anyone who previously purchased the skin will be able to select a purple glow for their skin. While the Skull Trooper skin is now more widely available, those who had it from the beginning will still be able to show that they’ve been here for the long haul. This feature is only available to those who had owned it before the update.

Will you be getting the Skull Trooper skin? Or will you be rocking it with a purple glow now? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]