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Ubisoft Working on Child of Light TV and Werewolves Within Movie Adaptations

Ubisoft is currently creating scripts for a live-action Child of Light television show and a Werewolves Within movie. As the company told Variety, both of these adaptations are part of the company’s inaugural Women’s Film and Television Fellowship.

This program involved selecting two up and coming women screenwriters and giving them six months of consultation and access to the studio’s game library for source material. Mishna Wolff and Tasha Huo were selected. The program culminated in them pitching their ideas to Ubisoft Motion Pictures. Both screenwriters were given the green light with Wolff adapting Werewolves Within and Huo adapting Child of Light.

It’ll be interesting to see Child of Light turned into a live-action series, as the game’s distinct art style is among its most charming features. But adaptations are never a one-to-one and Huo seemed determined to help it find mass appeal point. She stated, “I love video games and I’m passionate about them, but you want people who have never heard of these games to fall in love with them.”

While Huo was drawn to the idea of a “playable fairytale with a strong female heroine,” Wolff fell for the social aspect and deceit that sits at the core of Werewolves Within, a VR game where players are sitting around trying to figure out which person in the village is a werewolf. And if it’s you, lie low and convince everyone otherwise.

If you’re a female screenwriter eager to take on a Ubisoft IP, applications for the second year of this paid fellowship start on November 1, 2018.

[Source: Variety]