See Why You Should Fear Fury in Darksiders III

The upcoming Darksiders III is described as a “parallel sequel” to the first two Darksiders games where you take control of Fury, mage and sister of War and Death. The newest trailer, “Fury’s Apocalypse,” reveals more about her personality and, more importantly, her combat capabilities. Find out what to expect from this warrior when you play through her somewhat substantial adventure.

Along with a large blades, Fury is shown flinging her whip every which way and landing some brutal hits on different enemies. At one point, an NPC grants her the ability to change form, where her hair color can be seen changing from purple to a glowing yellow as if it were fire. In the game, Fury can make use of various forms to help her attain her goals, and this one appears to heighten her combat abilities.

Fury, the most unpredictable of the four horsemen, is on a quest to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins and prove she is the strongest horseman.  One character describes her as “blood thirsty,” and she herself states, “If we are monsters, we shall do as monsters do!” The designs are Blizzard-esque, and some even compare her appearance to Star Craft‘s Sarah Kerrigan, in part due to the lack of pupils.

Darksiders III will be released for the PlayStation 4 on November 27, 2018. In addition to the standard edition, a Deluxe Edition and Blades & Whips Edition will be available, which provide early access and a discount. And don’t forget that the original two games received native 4K updates!

[Source: IGN]