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Now Loading – What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving has rolled around once again which means we’re just about ready to close out the year. It means we’re preparing our Game of the Year Awards once again. It also means that we take some time to ourselves, to be with family, friends, and loved ones. You won’t see anyone from PlayStation LifeStyle posting any news today, but before we sent them off to enjoy huge turkey dinners and a day away from writing, we asked them what they are thankful for.

We didn’t limit the question to anything video game related. We wanted to know everything that they are giving thanks for this holiday season. Even our non-American friends joined in and gave their thanks, despite not celebrating the same holiday as those of us in the United States. Food, life, friends, family, and even the ability to have empathy for others. The answers here get pretty deep. Here’s what the PlayStation LifeStyle staff had to say.

What are you giving thanks for this season? Are you locked into the usual platitudes of gratefulness, or is there something particularly special that you want to call attention to? Feel free to leave your thanks in the comments below and enjoy your holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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