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Now Loading Did You like PSX 2017

Now Loading: Did You Like PSX 2017’s Format?

Was it a good or bad change?

playstation vita games

Now Loading: When’s the Last Time You Played Your PlayStation Vita?

When was the last time you gave the handheld some love?

Now Loading Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransactions

Now Loading: Will the Battlefront II Microtransactions Fiasco Result in Long-Term Change?

Is this just an empty attempt to save face?

xbox one x vs ps4 pro

Now Loading: Would You Rather Buy a Xbox One X or PS4 Pro?

A new console releases this week!

Now Loading Socom PS4

Now Loading: Is It Time for SOCOM PS4?

Do you want to see it return?

best racing game

Now Loading: Will Gran Turismo Ever Be the Face of Racing Again?

Can it reign supreme once again?

sony tgs 2017 conference

Now Loading: Were You Impressed by Sony’s TGS 2017 Conference?

Did you like it?

best sports game

Now Loading: What’s Your Favorite Sports Game?

The staff answers this week’s question.

Should you buy destiny 2

Now Loading: Are You Playing Destiny 2?

Our answers might surprise you.

Now Loading: Do You Play Games With Your Significant Other?

Happy couples!

Now Loading: Should the Uncharted Series End?

What do you think?

Now Loading: What’s Your PlayStation Network Trophy Level?

The staff reveals all.

Now Loading: How Mad Has a Game Made You?

Some of us lose our tempers.

Now Loading: What’s Your Most Anticipated August Release?

Which game are you most excited for?

Should you buy destiny 2

Now Loading: Have Betas Sold You on a Game?

Do they backfire more often than not?

Now Loading…What Game Are You Looking Forward to the Most Later in 2017

There can be only one…

Now Loading…What’s Your Game of the Year 2017 Pick So Far?

It’s our mid-year Game of the Year pick!

Now Loading…Should Sony Be Worried of the Xbox One X?

Well, should they?

Now Loading…What Do You Make of the Xbox One X Price and Its Reception?

Will gamers want it?

Now Loading…What Are Your E3 2017 Predictions?

Gaze into our crystal ball!