Bethesda Gave Fallout 76 Canvas Bags to Influencers, Infuriating Power Armor Edition Owners

Bethesda recently came under renewed fire after it emerged that Fallout 76‘s Power Armor Edition, which was supposed to come with a nice canvas duffel bag, came with a nylon bag. To add insult to injury, the developer offered players 500 Atoms as compensation, which amount to roughly $5. The story just received another twist: Bethesda gave Fallout 76 canvas bags for free to influencers.

YouTuber HeelvsBabyface noticed that YouTube content creators and influencers who were invited to a Fallout 76 promotional event published unboxing videos that showed high-quality canvas bags. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the same bag that was advertised as part of the Power Armor Edition, and it’s likely to have been produced in very limited quantity specifically for those who were invited to the event, which isn’t unusual. However, the discovery has left Power Armor Edition owners furious nonetheless because they feel like they have been short-changed.

Bethesda is already under investigation for failing to refund PC players who are unable to play Fallout 76 due to game-breaking bugs. In addition to this, customers are calling for an investigation into Power Armor Edition’s misleading advertisement, and the company’s failure to inform buyers of the change in materials.

Several publications have reached out to Bethesda for comment on this story but as of this writing, the developer hasn’t addressed the matter. We’ll update our readers should that change.

[Source: HeelvsBabyface via Game Rant]