GTA Online: Arena War Is Now Available and Looks Gnarly

An exciting and new GTA Online game mode has finally arrived. GTA Online: Arena War is now available, and it looks absolutely insane. This is a nightmare derby where cars decked bumper-to-bumper with weapons of mass destruction duke it out for survival. This is one new “battle royale” that you will not want to write off. Check out the new trailer above for a brief taste of vehicular carnage.

There are 12 new arena-ready vehicles to choose from, but when you get your car, there’s no guarantee that it will be arena-ready. Some cars will have to be taken to the workshop and upgraded manually, but when you’re ready to roll, there will be seven intense arena events to participate in.

Here is the full list of Arena War modes.


“No mercy, no disqualification, no safe word. Utilizing a host of new weaponized Bikes, Cars and Trucks specifically engineered for maximum destruction, be the last contender standing in an all-out vehicular brawl under the dome of the Maze Bank Arena.”

Flag War:

“Two teams, two flags, one objective. The classic capture the flag formula — reworked Arena War style to include enough gasoline-chugging violence to appeal to a mainstream audience.”

Wreck It:

“If you’re any good at driving really fast and turning to the left, then you’re off to a good start. Sure, it’s theoretically possible to win a round of Wreck It by crossing the line first in a fair-and-square lap race. But that’s never happened, because the competition, recently departed Spectators and an ever-evolving set of traps and obstacles are conspiring to reduce you to a smoldering heap of scrap metal. Like the old saying goes, if it’s not a race to the death, you’re just not taking it seriously enough.”

Tag Team

“Arena War isn’t all about ruthless individualism. Sometimes there really is safety in numbers – and in Tag Team you’re going to need it. Each team has one player in the arena at a time, and their only objective is to immolate the opposition. Teammates holed up in the Spectator Box have an array of weapons at their disposal to give their partner a destructive edge.”

Games Masters:

“When it comes to brutal arena designs, you can install the most exquisitely hazardous death traps on the market, but there’s just no substitute for the sheer ingenuity and sadism of a properly incentivized human being. One team collects checkpoints, the other uses every fiendish tool the Arena has to offer to make their plans go up in smoke. And be sure to hold onto your grudges: after every round, you switch places.”

Here Come the Monsters:

“For centuries, gladiatorial fights to the death have brought unbridled joy to the masses. In Here Come the Monsters, one team takes to the arena in monster trucks capable of crushing metal and bone into the same bloody dust. The other guys get compact cars and a dose of anxiety meds – but if even one of them survives, they win. Let the games begin.”

Hot Bomb:

“Life isn’t about holding onto good things, it’s about passing them on. Like inherited wealth, or a sense of entitlement. Or a high-explosive device. In Hot Bomb, one player has the bomb, and the only way to get rid of it is by crashing into someone else. Throw in a timer and a baying crowd, and survival of the fittest just got an upgrade.”

All of this mayhem has Rockstar feeling rather merry, and so any player who logs in before December 17, 2018 will score a couple of free in-game t-shirts. As with most updates, this one comes with a slew of new weapon discounts. You can find those, and read more about Arena War, right here. If you’re thinking about playing GTA V for the first time, we have the perfect recommendation for you.