MediEvil’s Original Composers Are Returning for the Remake

MediEvil’s original composers, Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold (aka Bob and Barn), have announced they will score the upcoming remake. The musical duo recently took to their official Twitter account to reveal the news.

See the celebratory post in the tweet below, which also features a special appearance by Sir Daniel Fortesque himself.

This is another treat for fans looking forward to Sir Dan’s return, as it means Sony intends to remain as faithful as possible to the original MediEvil. The first tease of this was made apparent in Shawn Layden’s announcement that the project will indeed be a remake. This bit of news was soon followed by a first look trailer, featuring gameplay footage of the remake and the original side-by-side.

Also returning for the remake’s development are Jason Wilson, better known as Jay Gunn, and Chris Sorrell. Wilson served as MediEvil’s Design Lead and Sir Dan’s voice actor, while Sorrell is credited as conceptualizing MediEvil and directing the original game. According to Wilson, both he and Sorrell have been working with developer Other Ocean Interactive as consultants on the remake’s art and design.

Sony has yet to specify when Sir Dan will see the light of day on the PlayStation 4. However, MediEvil’s remake is scheduled to launch sometime in 2019.

[Source: Bob and Barn on Twitter]