Make Time to Watch MediEvil Remake’s Trailer at the End of October

Sir Daniel Fortesque made a surprise appearance at PSX 2017. During the show, Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden, revealed Sir Dan would return indeed, in the form of a MediEvil remaster. Months passed without so much as a tease of the project’s progress, until recently. After promising that new information was on the horizon, Layden has announced a trailer for the remaster arrives this Halloween.

The Chairman relayed the news during Episode 311 of the PlayStation Blogcast. Layden told hosts Sid Shuman and Justin Massongill,

[Since the PSX 2017 reveal,] it’s come a long, long way. It’s looking pretty sweet and we’re really excited about it. We even have more to show people in a few days… It’s coming up, right? It’s Dan’s favorite day of the year. It’s gonna be Halloween, next week on the 31st. We thought that would be a good time to drop a trailer.

While on the MediEvil-centric portion of the discussion, Layden also clarified this release is a remake, rather than a remaster. Furthermore, he detailed who would be involved with the game’s production.

This is a remake. We’ve taken the original game design, a lot of the key art, some of the other attributes of the game design, and ethos, if you will. We’re working with a developer called Other Ocean Interactive and they’re remaking MediEvil. The original MediEvil from PS1… We’re working with some of the talent that were originally associated with the title 20 years ago. So we’re making sure that we’re keeping it real, keeping it to the original intent of the creators.

Jay Gunn, an artist on the original release and Sir Dan’s voice actor, recently teased his return to the PlayStation classic. At present, it’s unknown who else is involved with the remake.

[Source: PlayStation Blogcast]