The Midnight Sanctuary Brings Japanese Horror to PlayStation VR

If adorable anime horror is your thing, you’ll be elated to learn that The Midnight Sanctuary can now be experienced in VR with PlayStation VR. The Midnight Sanctuary is an “occult suspense 3D novel” from CAVYHOUSE, which plunges readers in the middle of a strange village, with strange inhabitants who are worshiping a strange saint. (You can check out our review here).

It’s a familiar horror setup, told through a unique medium. The Midnight Sanctuary tells the story of historian Hamomuro Tachibana, who’s out to explore the isolated, secretive Japanese village of Daiusu. Daiusu was founded by a group of exiled Christians who worship a peculiar saint. Before long, Tachibana discovers that the village is hiding some harrowing secrets.

The Midnight Sanctuary features a stunning stained-glass aesthetic the cleverly mixes static 2D textures and flowing 3D models. It’s hard to imagine something so lovely turning into something frightening or horrific, but publisher UNTIES believes that it’s a perfect and spooky fit for VR. John Davis, G&R Representative for UNTIES, said, “The Midnight Sanctuary’s Japanese horror tale really comes alive in VR. CAVYHOUSE’s distinctive aesthetics are designed to enhance the spookiness of the experience, creating an immersively chilling atmosphere impossible to achieve outside of games.”

If you’re intrigued, UNTIES is further sweetening the pot by offering you a discount. From December 20, 2018 through January 18, 2019, you can find The Midnight Sanctuary for 30% off, so make sure you check it out on the PSN store sooner rather than later.