Rage 2’s Developer Says Its Open World and ‘Cool’ Ending Tackle Rage’s Biggest Flaws

Rage 2 leaks and Bethesda’s subsequent announcement were a massive surprise. Very few expected the oft forgotten id Software title to make a return, since Rage’s many flaws and shortcomings kept it from becoming a notable notch in Bethesda’s vast catalog. According to id Software’s Studio Director Tim Willits, the team worked tirelessly to ensure those flaws were addressed in Rage 2 by broadening the open-world and developing a “cool ending.”

In an interview with Game Informer, Willits spoke about how the world of the original Rage featured “great things” that all felt separate. For instance, there were driving areas, combat sections, and level loads. For Rage 2, the open world allows the whole experience to feel seamless, which was accomplished courtesy of a Avalanche Studios’ involvement.

Addressing flaws of the original doesn’t stop there. During the interview, Willits also noted that the team had long been aware of some fans not enjoying Rage’s ending. Apparently, this will not be a problem with the forthcoming sequel, as Rage 2’s “cool ending” will seemingly offer a more pleasurable conclusion.

Additionally, Willits addressed Rage’s bland color palette, saying that Rage 2’s colorful world was a direct response to such criticisms. But the addition of color doesn’t just benefit how the game looks, there’s a narrative purpose, as well. Because Rage 2 is set 30 years after the original title, life has returned to the wasteland. There are new biomes, filled with rich colors and life. This informed the inclusion of more colorful characters, which then influenced the theme of the world, giving Rage 2 the unique personality that’s been demonstrated in the game’s marketing.

Rage 2’s recently revealed release date has it pinned down for a May 14, 2019 launch on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: GameInformer]