The PlayStation Classics: Folklore

We’re going to do something a little different in this installment of PlayStation Classics, in the name of the holiday spirit! We’re going to get festive with Folklore! I know, this is not a PSOne or PS2 Classic, but it might be a classic in our hearts. That’s what really matters. Plus, it had some fun free DLC that will help you get in the season. So get out your PlayStation 3! We’re heading to a new haunt!

Folklore PS3

Folklore and Fairy Tales

Doolin is calling. Two very different people find themselves summoned to a small Irish town. Keats is a reporter for an occult magazine who has received a tip about strange happenings. Ellen is a college student whose (dead) mother has beckoned her to return. Their paths cross and they find they are both now there for a common cause: to head through the Hedge into the Netherworld to figure out the truth behind murders almost a decade old. Also, they get to interact with supernatural characters like faerys, folks, and half-lives.

Once you head into the Netherworld, Folklore turns into an action-RPG. You must follow both Keats and Ellen’s stories to discover the truth about what is going on and why the two of them were called to Doolin. You go through stages in the Netherworld. Each character plays a little differently, but both capture folks, equip them, then call upon them for certain sorts of skills in fights. Keats is very offensive and in-your-face with his physical, short-ranged attacks. Likewise, his folks are very forceful. Ellen is more like a mage, as she uses ranged attacks and has a wider range of folk abilities that can be offensive, defensive, and supportive.

Folklore PS3

What’s Folklore Got to Do With the Holidays?

Folklore came out at a time when companies were just starting to offer DLC with games. As a gift for players, Sony released the Folklore Holiday add-on as a gift for fans. It was a pretty exciting thing, since it did what the paid extras did. People got two costumes for the leads that were festive, a folk that is perfectly suited for the Christmas season, and a quest for Keats to undertake in chapter four.

It’s the holiday season, and the Bridge House Pub’s nighttime bartender has a big problem. He needs a Christmas gift. But, there’s nothing he can do. The only one who can help is Keats. Thus begins the “Holy Night Visitor.” Grab Bag, a folk that is a giant present, has taken the possible present. Keats has to chase it through the Undersea City to set things right, getting Grab Bag as a folk in the process. Once you have it, both Keats and Ellen can use this folk for short-range attacks to spew presents at opponents. Because, you know, it is the giving season.

Folklore PS3

Spend Your Holidays With an Old Friend (Your PS3)

Sure, this whole installment today is pushing Folklore as a good game to revisit during the holidays. But really, this is a good game to play any day. The story offers two perspectives of a supernatural situation, while giving you a chance to collect different takes on familiar fairy folk. The free Holiday Pack add-on is just an added bonus to make the game a little more merry. You unfortunately can’t download this game from the PlayStation Store. But, you can give the free demo a try and see why you should spend some time with Ellen and Keats.

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