This Marvel’s Spider-Man Glitch Lets You Crawl on Thin Air

The holidays have introduced thousands of new gamers to Marvel’s Spider-Man, which means that Insomniac Games now has a extra team of thousands of new play-testers. One Marvel’s Spider-Man player has discovered a new glitch which allows Spidey to crawl on a patch of thin air as though it were a wall.

Check out the footage in the video below to see the glitch in action.

[Marvel’s Spider-Man] [Video] Found a funny bug/glitch on Marvel’s Spiderman with a friend of mine. I think it is replicable in the same place. from r/PS4

The video begins with the Redditor climbing around in the air, but about halfway through the footage, we see how he got there. It appears that in order to trigger the glitch, you’re going to have to climb up an actual wall on the side of this building, then flip back off of it. While in the air, web-zip to what is apparently an invisible wall in front of you, and you should stick to it.

How far the invisible wall extends is uncertain, but toward the end of the video we see the Redditor crawling around to the side of the building. Now that this footage is out in the wild, we’re sure that Marvel’s Spider-Man players will be replicating the glitch for themselves and testing it further.

It’s likely that the “glitch” is simply a piece of placeholder geometry that was visibly removed, but not removed in substance. During a game’s “alpha” stage, placeholder geometry and boxes are swept through and replaced with textures and shapes that will appear in the final version of the game, but sometimes with large open worlds, some of the placeholder boxes are left untouched or unpolished. In this case, we could be looking at some leftover geometry that was one click away from being removed entirely.

Hit us up in the comments section and let us know if you’re able to pinpoint the exact location of this invisible wall, and what you were able to do with it! And by the way, if you missed the classic “Boat People” glitch (now known to be an Easter egg), you can read more about that here.