The Fan-Made PT Remake Is Now Finished and Available to Download

A fan remake of P.T. is finally finished and available to download and play on PCs. If you’re interested in checking out this ghost of the cult-hit PS4 horror experience, you can download Unreal PT here.

Okay, first, let’s go through a little background. The scariest game to ever hit the PlayStation 4 wasn’t a game at all. It was a demo for a project codenamed P.T., and that demo is no longer available to download or play. Horror fans were devastated by the loss of P.T. (and were further embittered by the perceived loss of Kojima as a director on the industry stage), and many attempts to revive the experience have risen and fallen since its removal from the PlayStation Store. Now, a near-complete remake of P.T. that has been in development for almost a year is finally complete.

Unreal PT is, believe it or not, a student project which was meant to spruce up the portfolio of a college sophomore. A single, young developer took it upon himself to recreate the entire P.T. experience, and after ten months of problem-solving and iteration, his work is finally finished.

The developer, who goes by “RadiusGordello,” revealed in a devblog that he didn’t start out intending to recreate the entire game.

When I initially started this project, my main intent was just to see how much of the hallway I could recreate from scratch (modeling and texturing-wise) and use that to hone my skills, and eventually use it as a portfolio piece of sorts. About two or three weeks into development; however, I realized ‘Hey I’m using a game engine, this is shaping up to look pretty nice, I might as well plop in a player and give him something to do.

It spiraled out of control from there, and for that we’re very grateful.