Fortnite to Possibly Gain Middle East Servers Soon, by Popular Demand

Today, Epic Games responded to an ongoing social media campaign from Fortnite fans residing in the Middle East. These fans have been attempting to play Fortnite, despite a lack of local server support. Based on the response from Epic Games, that (or some relevant solution) may already be on the cards.

Middle East Fortnite fans (or aspiring Fortnite fans) have been campaigning on Twitter using the “FortniteMiddleEastServers hashtag, asking Epic Games to support the immensely popular game over in their respective regions. Currently, while there is a sizable fanbase that has grown over time, said players are having to deal with some pretty horrific ping issues for obvious reasons. The hashtag has blown up quite a bit, and Epic Games responded earlier this afternoon via the official Fortnite Twitter account:

As you can see, the issue stems from a lack of support from Epic Games’ cloud service partners. According to Epic Games, a solution could be on the way within months, although what that solution is remains to be seen. Perhaps Epic Games was able to use its obvious leverage to grease some wheels, but service-based companies are generally as responsive as they can be to client requests in general, so it may have been a matter of time regardless of the campaign. Either way, Fortnite fans in the Middle East can keep their eye on the usual channels for further updates.

[Source: Comic Book]