Open World Action-RPG Dysmantle Lets You ‘Ruin Everything’

Indie developer 10tons, the team behind Xenoraid and Time Recoil, has announced its latest title. It is an open world action-RPG called Dysmantle. It will launch on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. At present, Dysmantle lacks an official release date. What players should expect from the game itself, though, is pure chaos. Apparently, this action RPG lets you “ruin everything.”

“Everything” isn’t a cool buzzword, either. According to Dysmantle’s product page on Steam, using the right tools will allow players to “break over 99 percent” of the objects in the environment. Does this translate to the environment being 100% destructible, or just 99.5%? We’ll have to wait and see.

Luckily, those interested in the title do not have to wait for concrete details. In Dysmantle, players will awake in an island shelter after having been inside for many years. The world outside is apocalyptic, with nature reigning supreme. However, nature isn’t the only thing throwing its weight around in a world sans humanity. Horrific creatures also lurk about. Naturally, this means the main goal is to escape the island.

In addition to breaking most of the game’s objects, players will use different skills to survive. These include fighting monsters, exploring the “handcrafted open world,” building outposts, cooking for stat and ability upgrades, crafting, hunting and taming animals, solving puzzles, venturing into the “Tombs of the Old Ones,” and much more. Interestingly, technology and magical materials will be a major part of the game. Scavenging for these sorts of parts will open up crafting opportunities for powerful gear.

10tons may not yet be ready to talk launch date information, but the studio has promised more details will surface throughout 2019.

[Source: Gematsu, Steam]