Battlefield V Microtransactions Delayed Over Company Coin Issues

Battlefield V didn’t include microtransactions at launch, so that players could get used to the progression system before deciding to pay (or not pay) for Battlefield Coins. This currency can only be used to buy specific cosmetics and was expected to become available on January 18, 2019. However, there are no Battlefield Coins in sight. This delay is ongoing until the issue with Company Coins, Battlefield‘s other in-game currency, is resolved.

There are issues with accruing Company Coins at max Career Rank 50 and problems with tracking your completion progress in Tides of War in-game Missions. In the most recent update, DICE confirmed that they are still working on resolving these issues.

We will have additional information for you coming out of the weekend’s fix testing we performed. Hopefully, we’ll have these two issues resolved and tucked away.

As spotted by Multiplayer First, Battlefield V‘s North American Community Manager Jeff Braddock revealed that Battlefield Coins are directly related to these issues. Until Company Coins are working properly, we will not see paid microtransactions added.

With the company already working towards a solution, it shouldn’t be long before the currency is introduced. We will keep you posted as this story develops.

[Source: Reddit and Multiplayer First]