Next Battlefield V Update Will Include Killcam Fixes, Vaulting Improvements, and More

Battlefield V is scheduled to receive another update this week on Tuesday, January 29, 2019. As usual, producer Jaqub Ajmal has offered a preview of what’s coming, which includes further vaulting improvements, killcam fixes, various user interface improvements, and much more.

Highlights are as follows:

-Footstep audio has been further fine-tuned, is now somewhere between previous and current update

-Cool new and neat additions to the Practice Range

-Bi-pod improvements

-Further Vaulting improvements

-Ledge grabbing improvements

-Fix for the Killcam that would have an unintended delay

-Medic revive icons timer has been fixed

-Console chat is back!

-Universal Carrier now has a horn!

-AA improvements

-Various Frontlines UI fixes

-Fixed some exploits

-Improved flow when joining a friend that is on a full server

-HUD aim lead indicator has been implemented along with the show netgraph on problems option.

Addressing players’ concerns about AA nerfs, Ajmal promised a “substantial” improvement and a more consistent experience when shooting down planes. Over on Reddit, he wrote:

Players should notice that shells that detonate in proximity to an airplane do damage more consistently, and also that shots that are closer to the target do more damage than shots that are further from the target. This is especially obvious when planes are flying directly at or away from an AA, with higher damage for flying at an AA and lower when trying to escape an AA. We have adjusted damage values on all AA guns to compensate for this improvement, and the different kinds of AA guns should now be clearer choices. Fast-firing AA is now better against highly maneuverable, small targets like fighters. Slow-firing AA is now better against larger targets like bombers.

The incoming patch will also include a number of other fixes, which will be detailed via patch notes. We’ll share those with our readers as soon as they’re released.

[Source: Jaqub Ajmal (Twitter), Reddit]