BioWare Launches Anthem Demo Update 1.01 Ahead of Public Demo

Update 1.01 has just gone live for Anthem‘s demo on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. It’s perfect timing, too, as the game’s pubic demo will launch across all three platforms on February 1, 2019. Luckily, the update does not demand much space. On PlayStation 4, 1.01 weighs 178MB. The update on PC and Xbox One is a little larger, clocking in at 278MB and 300MB, respectively.

Details about the update itself are vague. According to MP1st, notes attached to the update on the PS4 only make mention of “general stability improvements.” Of course, general improvements could amount to any number of things. Hopefully, this update is the one that addresses the infinite load and connectivity issues many players experienced during the VIP demo.

In addition to bug fixes, players who participated in the VIP demo will receive access to all four of Anthem’s Javelins. This news came on the heels of a tough demo weekend for the title, where a number of players were having trouble booting up the game.

There are a few other things players have to anticipate for the game’s official launch in late February. For one, three Stronghold missions, similar to Destiny’s Strikes or Raids, will be available in Anthem at launch. Players who participate in the demo have access to one Stronghold. Additionally, the game’s release is set to introduce Launch Bay, a 16-player social hub that’s been implemented following fan feedback.

Anthem’s public demo will go live across PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms on February 1st. The full game is due to launch on February 22nd.

[Source: MP1st]