Participants in Anthem’s VIP Demo Can Access 4 Javelins in the Public Demo

Anthem’s VIP demo this past weekend didn’t go as smoothly as anyone wanted. Many players encountered connectivity issues, which prevented them from joining the game. While BioWare and Electronic Arts worked to rectify these troubles, users were still reporting widespread connectivity problems. Perhaps in an effort to incentivize VIP demo participants to return, BioWare has announced that those players will receive access to four Javelins in the public demo, as opposed to the two that were available during the VIP demo session.

The studio’s announcement came via a post on Anthem’s official Twitter page. See the tweet in question below:

Based on replies to the tweet, the reaction from fans seems pretty varied. Some are appreciative of the incoming bonuses, while others express disappointment about the demo’s poor launch. Since the upcoming demo will be open to the public, regardless of preorders or subscriptions, it’s unclear whether similar issues will crop up. Hopefully, the game’s official launch, which is right around the corner, will offer a smoother experience.

Anthem’s public demo will go live later this week on February 1, 2019. The full game is set to launch on February 22nd for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Anthem on Twitter via VG247]