Ubisoft Shares Tips to Avoid ‘Known Issues’ in The Division 2’s Private Beta

The Division 2’s private beta has just gone live, and Ubisoft wants players to be prepared for potential “known issues” that may occur. A post on the company’s website outlines “two important” issues, while also providing tips on how players may be able circumvent them.

Firstly, the development team is aware that some players are bound to encounter a problem where the game shuts down after “an extended play session.” Players should be able to bypass this issue altogether by remembering to restart the game client once every two to three hours.

The next issue is prevalent across all platforms. Those who aren’t playing but receive an invite from someone logged into the game client may find that the game crashes upon launch. According to Ubisoft’s post, the best way to avoid this is by starting the game first and directly joining the group from inside the game.

This private beta is exclusive to those who preordered the upcoming sequel. However, a select few players were chosen via beta sign-ups. The beta itself is packed with content to offer a real sense of what to expect from The Division 2’s full release. Players will have access to seven missions, which include two main quests and five side missions. Two PvP modes, Dark Zone and Skirmish, will also be available for players to experience firsthand.

The Division 2’s private beta will last from February 7th to February 1oth. The full experience is slated to launch on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 15th.

[Source: Ubisoft]