The Division 2 Will Allow Up to 50 Accounts Per Clan and Each Clan Will Have Four Membership Ranks

Ubisoft has detailed The Division 2‘s clan system, which is one of the new features being introduced to its upcoming multiplayer shooter. As is the case with most multiplayer games, The Division 2 is best played with like-minded people, and clans will make it easier to find and/or recruit players who match your requirements.

Clans will consist of up to 50 accounts, with up to four characters each. The feature is unlocked early on, allowing everyone to create a clan. However, at least four members are required for progression.

Members will be able to stay in touch, liaise, and organize events via the in-game clan feed. Each clan will have access to two voice channels for up to 25 members each, giving them the opportunity to socialize.

When looking for a clan, players will be presented with the following options to enable them to find a suitable group:

  • Activities – The primary focus of the clan, PvE, PvP or both.
  • Most Active Times – The time of day the clan is the most active.
  • Atmosphere – The general atmosphere of the clan; would you prefer a relaxed easy-going clan, a clan focused on certain aspects of the game or a highly competitive PvP clan?
  • Mic Requirement – If the clan requires a microphone to be able to join.
  • Language – The primary spoken language of the clan.
  • Region – The geographical location of the clan members.

Membership can be organized by the following ranks:

  • Commander – The leader of the clan which has access to all administrative functions of the clan.
  • Lieutenant – The officer rank, which will be able to send out invites, review applications, promote and demote members as well as moderate the clan feed.
  • Agent – The established clan member able to invite potential recruits to the clan.
  • Recruit – The recruit is a new member of the clan with limited access to administrative clan functionality.

Ubisoft has said that each clan will be “entirely customizable.” Any in-game action by a clan member that earns experience points will contribute towards overall clan XP (CXP), which can be used to unlock further customization options.

The Division 2 will release on March 15, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. An open beta will begin on March 1st.

[Source: The Division]