vaporum ps4 release date

Uncover Vaporum’s Tower’s Secrets in This Puzzling Dungeon Crawler

Fans of dungeon crawlers will want to make time next month for Vaporum, as the steampunk title will come to consoles in April 2019. Publisher Merge Games, which also published Darkest Dungeon, has a staggered release planned for Vaporum’s PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One launches. Vaporum, which originally released on Steam in 2017, will launch on the PS4 on April 9th for $24.99. The Switch launch is set for April 10th. Finally, Xbox One will get the grid-based dungeon crawler on April 11th.

For a hint of what to expect from the game, check out the following teaser trailer for Vaporum’s imminent console release:

In a first-person perspective, players will explore a massive mechanical tower that is stranded out at sea. Escape serves as the central objective. Additionally, learning what happened in the tower and discovering the player-character’s identity are of equal importance. Real-time combat, RPG mechanics, puzzles, loot, and a wide variety of character customization options will aid players in achieving their goal. Interestingly, at the center of it all also rests a compelling story, one filled with intrigue and a fully voiced main cast, according to Vaporum’s Steam overview.

Those who may want to ignore the story entirely, and primarily focus on getting from point A to B may do that, as well. Notes and other textual information found throughout the game can be ignored. The same can be said for Vaporum’s various optional areas, though exploring them provides far more than ancillary story details. As expected, these areas will also feature challenges designed to offers interesting rewards.