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Here Are the Seven Games Sony Announced at China Hero Project 2019

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s China Hero Project 2019 showcase was held earlier this week, and we’ve collated a list of the games and trailers that the company unveiled during the event.

Check out all the announcements below:


In development at Palm Pioneer’s Sense Games studio, AI-LIMIT is a hardcore action-RPG for the PlayStation 4. Players will step into the shoes of protagonist Arrisa, who has to save a rich and novel world from mysterious threats.

ANNO: Mutationem

In development at ThinkingStars, ANNO: Mutationem is an action-RPG set in a future metropolis after a catastrophe.


In development at Loong Force, Convallaria is a multiplayer shooter that utilizes “emotional expression.” The game is in development for the PS4, and features PvE and PvP elements.


In development at Spikewave Games, Evotinction is a third-person hack-and-slash game for the PS4. The game is set in the near future, features unique hacking mechanics, and focuses on the threat posed to humans by rapid technological advancement.

Spikewave Games consists of former 2K China developers.

F.I.S.T. (Working title)

In development at TiGames, F.I.S.T. is a dieselpunk metroidvania for the PS4. Players will take on the role of a rabbit with a mechanical arm, and fight off an evil robot army. The game features a vast world map full of things to discover.

In Nightmare

In development at Magic Fish Studio, In Nightmare is a horror adventure game for the PS4. It features a “dark fairytale of exploring growing pain and self-salvation.” Players will get to explore a mysterious dream world that combines imagination and realism.

RAN: Lost Islands

In development at Jolly Roger, RAN: Lost Islands is a “cold weapon game” set in the 17th century, when civilizations around the world started to come together.

As far as updates on previously announced titles are concerned, Sony said that Lost Soul Aside, Pervader, and Project Boundary are all in “stable and healthy” development for the PS4. Project Boundary is set to undergo a closed beta soon.

Thanks, Gematsu.